5 Volt Everything.
5 Volt Everything.

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In doing the van thing, lighting has not been a priority oddly enough.

Daily live, like being able to shave.

Slightly over the 240 inverter, althought the 2kw unit I have to run welder is really good, the little 1000w has a draw of 0.7A at standstill..

So 240v charging is out, either for running or charging lights, shaver etc.

Im also over nicad/NIMH AAA size unless I can find some really good ones.

So rechargables are out.

The new Lipo are excelent with Arduino clip on boards for charging and voltage conversion, boost buck converters for not much $.

But me being me and no moneys to spend, I just use old mouse and keyboard USB chords on things.

Some, like the shaver, are direct wired to the motor inside which is no problem and actually improves it no end.

I can easily shave my 2 week beard and shave my head.

LED lights will need an adjustment to the current limit resistor inside or most likley you will burn the diode.

Small amplifier chips seem to have a wide voltage range and they arelouder with a higher voltage.

Other reasons are:

SAFETY, I dont want to be shorting the trucks 24v system or even the 12v side.

I am on solar, 100-200w with a 3-4 car batteries in parallel, which means lots of high current and fuses mean wiring and exspence.

You can short a 5v circuit no problems.

EASE: Use 12v-5v lighter units or the Raspberry PI trick with a RC Battery eliminator circuit.

CHEAP: Im looking at using ethernet cable to run %v lighting circuit through the fan.

ZOMBIE: Any “DEAD” car batteries will run a DC-Dc converter…A big Joule thief maybe.

COOL: Dont forget the outside charge point for other homeless peoples phones, let them surf your WIFI Pirate box while they are there to get a few new *.mp3..

Instuctable posted as “work in progress” and will be updated.

Step 1: Part collection

5 Volt Everything.
5 Volt Everything.
5 Volt Everything.

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What can you run off 5v?

Cell phones with usb soldered directly to the battery terminals.

Handheld cb radio..

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